ADAS Composting Research Project Shredding waste prior to composting at St Ives | Incorporating compost at Collyweston restoration restoration trial site | Winter wheat growth trials at Boxworth


In 2002 The Composting Research Project (funded under the Landfill Communities Fund formerly the Landfill Tax Credits Scheme) commissioned ADAS to carry out research. The research, managed by 'Composting Research Limited', involved long term field-scale composting trials that have now been completed. The final report and supporting documentation can be downloaded from this site.

The trials were set up to promote the diversion of biodegradable waste from landfill by addressing particular knowledge gaps, at the time the research was commissioned, that may impede the development of a mature biological treatment industry. The trial results will answer specific questions about the production of compost from both source separated waste only and mixed household waste fines. A key part of the research was replicated field-scale trials which demonstrated the effect of composts on crop growth and all aspects of soil quality – physical, chemical and microbiological.

WREN Landfill Communities Fund
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